Chelsea Handler And Sarah Silverman Use T-Mobile To Compare Mansions At The Super Bowl

The brand was already kind enough to post a teaser for this epic battle of comedic wits, and thankfully the ad actually lives up to the hype.

Here we get an intimate peek into the secret life of celebrities–hydroponic kale gardens, subterranean petting zoos, figure skating basements and more. Silverman and Handler are total pros, even if the latter doesn’t quite know what a possum is. T-Mobile chief marketing officer Mike Sievert told Co.Create before the game, “We got two of the funniest people on the planet and unleashed them to do their thing. We had a broad concept for it to showcase Wi-Fi calling, and they worked with our agency to write the spot themselves.”

It’s just one of three T-Mobile Super Bowl spots, all by agency Publicis Seattle, joining Kim Kardasian’s emotional plea to save your data and Rob Riggle’s pet vulture.

As mentioned, feel free to bask in the glory of the spot’s behind-the-scenes video: