Skittles Settles Things The Weird Way At The Super Bowl

When Skittles released its teaser for this ad, it understandably left the candy-loving public with a lot of unanswered questions. What is with all the freakishly large right arms? What ominous event could be happening? Now we know that unseen terror, luring out these unsuspecting, muscle bound townspeople was… arm-wrestling. Over a candy dispute.

The ad, by agency DDB Chicago, takes us to a place that clearly worships at the altar of Lincoln Hawk. We can’t quite tell if the competitors are employing a top roll technique or a shoulder press move, but we do know that it doesn’t quite pack a funny enough punch to measure up to some of Skittles’ all-time Hall of Oddvertising ads like “Touch” or “Pinata.”

Still, gotta love that baby.