Sarah Silverman, Chelsea Handler, And Rob Riggle Join T-Mobile’s Super Bowl Ad Team

Just in case recruiting one of the biggest social media and reality TV phenomenons on to your Super Bowl team isn’t enough, T-Mobile is coming into the game with a multi-pronged comedy blitz attack. In addition to Kim Kardashian’s plea to save lost data, the brand will also unveil a spot starring Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler on the big game TV audience.

“We got two of the funniest people on the planet and unleashed them to do their thing,” says T-Mobile chief marketing officer Mike Sievert. “We had a broad concept for it to showcase wifi calling, and they worked with our agency to write the spot themselves.”

So far there’s just a teaser for that one, but the brand also created an ad exclusively for NBC’s Super Bowl web stream, starring a surprisingly low-key Rob Riggle and a giant, angry, talking vulture.

“We’re a brand that is resonating with people who are young and young at heart, people embracing the digital age,” says Seivert. “T-Mobile customers use twice as much data as AT&T customers. We’re attractive to a forward-thinking audience that is really engaged with the Internet, and that brings with it a certain sense of humor.”

Beyond the TV, when her ad airs on Sunday, Kardashian will be actively engaging with the audience over Twitter for the brand, sending out exclusive behind-the-scenes content from her commercial, as well as new selfies (natch), that Seivert says is meant to highlight the idea of getting the most from your data.