Changing Habits And Assessing Our Lives: January’s Top 10 Leadership Stories

We kicked off 2015 with guides to a happier, healthier life–in and outside of the office. Here are the stories you loved most this month.


In January, everything seems possible: We can be healthier this year, read more, and get that promotion. This month, we helped you get those goals started–and added a few new ones to the mix.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership this month.

1. 17 Small (And Totally Doable) Tweaks That Will Change Your Year

The year may have started with a burst of motivation, but a month in, resolve is likely starting to wane. But don’t get discouraged, these small daily adjustments can change your year as more than a sweeping promise to “be more productive.”

2. 8 Ways To Train Yourself To Accept Criticism

Criticism stings in the short-term. What you do after receiving negative feedback could change your future. Learn to take tough love in stride with these tips.


3. 5 Habits Changes You Can Actually Make In 2015

So you’re not a bodybuilder yet, and that whole waking up at 5 a.m. to meditate thing has been a bust. Starting with these small shifts, including taking a lunchtime walk and keeping a water bottle on your desk, can help reach your bigger goals.

4. 8 Ways To Make Working From Home More Efficient

Whether you’re trying out a long-term lifestyle change or need to keep up with work during a snow day, working from home isn’t as simple as staking out a spot on the couch.

5. 7 Email Habits You Need To Break

Let’s all agree to put a stop to the endless email chains, high priority flag abuse, and one-liner replies. How many of these email sins are your guilty of?


6.10 Ways To Be A Better Employee In 2015

Most of us would like to be better at our jobs–we spend most of our lives at them, after all. From better to-do lists to crafting a better bedtime routine, these are simple ways to make a better impression at work and feel better in the process.

7.12 Signs Your Company Has An Enviable Workplace Culture

Are people smiling in the hallways and shutting down gossip at your company? If not, your culture needs some help. But don’t get discouraged–the power to change it begins by recognizing what needs work.

8. 10 New Books We’ll Be Reading This Year

A reading list for inspiration, ambition and encouragement from thought leaders and productivity masters. Mark your calendars now for these new releases.


9.Here’s What Happened When We Took Stock Of Our Lives And Conducted A Life Audit

Taking a long look at our deepest desires sounded scary–and other people even expected us to panic in the process. But locking yourself in a room with a pen and a notepad could be the best thing you do for your dreams.

10. 14 Tips To Make 2015 Your Most Productive Year Yet

An all-inclusive guide to the year’s best advice on productivity (and when not to be productive), from prioritizing what’s most important to avoiding distractions and more.