Bud’s Puppy Gets Lost, Snickers Goes Brady: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Canal explains unicorns, BMW time travels, Squarespace gets sleepy with The Dude, and more.

Bud’s Puppy Gets Lost, Snickers Goes Brady: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

The week before the Super Bowl is a time when football fans are getting ready for one of the biggest parties of the year, while brands scramble to hype their hefty ad investment by any means necessary. Teasers, extended versions, re-edited viral hits and more have been unleashed to make those expensive Super Bowl seconds last a lot longer.


Snickers originally went the teaser route, with Danny Trejo doing his best Marcia Brady impression. The reaction was strong enough–more than 2.8 million YouTube views, and fans begging to see the real thing–that for the first time in company history, the brand’s parent company Mars Chocolate North America decided to release one of its Super Bowl commercials prior to game day. It does not disappoint.

See more below about this ad and the rest of our picks for the week’s best in brand creativity.

Budweiser “Lost Dog”

What: A return of Bud’s puppy love, but this time the little guy gets a bit farther from home.
Who: Budweiser, Anomaly
Why We Care: C’mon! Just look at that dog! That shot in the rain is enough to make anyone forget to wonder why that dog hasn’t aged a day since last year. The brand knew it had a winning formula and decided to double down on the cuteness. Though it doesn’t top last year’s effort, it will no doubt score big once again with Super Bowl audiences.


Snickers “The Brady Bunch”

What: “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” meets The Brady Bunch.
Who: Snickers, BBDO New York
Why We Care: Because casting Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi as a couple of Brady sisters and recreating a scene from the football-to-the-face episode is as weird as it is awesome.

Canal+ “Unicorns”

What: A perfectly reasonable explanation for why there aren’t any unicorns.
Who: Canal+, BETC Paris
Why We Care:The only way to tell people you’re a good storyteller is by telling a good story, and here the French cable network known for its cinematic spots does it again by spinning a ballsy, biblical tale about a certain mythical beast.

BMW “Newfangled Idea”

What: BMW rolls back the clock to 1994 with Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel to show how talking tech hasn’t changed much in the last 21 years.
Why We Care: Sure it’s a Super Bowl spot starring celebrities, but its use of archival footage to compare the new i3 to the Internet is cheeky, fun and gets the point across about the product. Also, Katie Couric maybe twerks.


Squarespace “Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes”

What: A real album of relaxing sounds, guided meditations, and stories by the Academy Award-winning actor designed to lull you into a mellow slumber, man.
Who: Squarespace, Wieden+Kennedy New York
Why We Care: As we’ve said before, this is anything but a traditional Super Bowl play, and a welcome bit of game day zagging. Not only will the brand have a spot in the big game with an immensely popular actor, it’s followed through with a product intrinsically tied to the brand.

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