Infographic: Which Studios Own Movie Rights To Which Marvel Characters—Visualized

Since details about Spider-Man’s future were spilled in the devastating, but endlessly fascinating Sony hack last December, it’s pretty clear which studio the web-slinger calls home. A new infographic reveals the complicated layout of where all the other characters in Marvel’s stable of superheroes reside.

The “Visual Guide To Marvel Character Movie Rights” is a sprawling compendium of faces both familiar (The Avengers!) and less so (Man-Thing?) that appear in one cinematic universe or another. Created by a couple of sci-fi fanatics known as The Geek Twins, the Visual Guide tantalizes by showing which crossovers are possible—and which ones might require a cubic ton of paperwork. As most Marvel lovers already know, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (the mutant brood of X-Men villain Magneto—don’t worry about it) are exempt from the rigid lines of division shown in the guide, because they’re also part of The Avengers team in the comics. However, just because the two are technically allowed to be in both film franchises, that doesn’t mean that Fox and Marvel didn’t hire separate actors to play Quicksilver for 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past and this summer’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron. (They did: Evan Peters and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, respectively.)

As Marvel continues on its rigorously plotted five-year plan—which is way more precise than whatever you said in your last job interview—fans can keep their crossover expectations in check.

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