Key & Peele’s “East/West Bowl 3” Is Better Than The Super Bowl

Confession: Co.Create has not yet seen the Super Bowl. (Sources tell us it’s happening this weekend.) Despite this lack of foresight, it’s pretty clear that Key & Peele’s new East/West Bowl video is better than anything you will see on Game Day–game and ads included.

For the uninitiated, the first East/West Bowl premiered in the second season of Key & Peele’s outstanding sketch show. It depicted the lineup of the two college teams competing in a the fictional competition of the title–every player on each team played by either Keegan-Michael Key or Jordan Peele in idiosyncratic hair and makeup combinations. Also, every single name was a wild mishmash of letters, words, phrases, and sounds that make D’Brickashaw Ferguson sound like Tom Brady. (Okay, will go ahead and name some personal favorites: Jackmerius Tacktheritrix, X-Wing @Aliciousness, and Donkey Teeth.) Against all odds, the sketch sustained this premise, and even last through a sequel sketch the following year.

It would be fair to assume the formula would have worn out by now, and that a third installment might be pushing it. Turns out that sometimes life is unfair in the best possible way. Recorded for the duo’s Super Bowl special, which airs this Friday on Comedy Central, the East/West Bowl takes the gag out of the world of college ball and goes to the pros. It’s another parade of clownishly named footballers that still packs surprises–only this time, the sketch also throws in some real NFL players to show how thin the line is between parody and reality.

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