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Watch Run The Jewels Rap Really Fast While Wearing Presidential Face-Masks

The new Run The Jewels music video features back alley rapping and Barack Obama face-masks, which turns out to be more than enough.

There’s nothing high-concept about the latest video from Run The Jewels. The dynamic duo who, uh, ran away with Pitchfork’s #1-rated album of 2014 pretty much just rap at the camera with an occasional animated assist. Killer Mike and El-P have enough presence, however, that they need not do anything more to fill out a compelling three-and-a-half minutes.

“Lie Cheat Steal” finds the duo rapping in occasional double-time against a heavily graffiti’d wall, shot through a red-tinted lens–perhaps to match the cover of the album the song comes from. There’s no speeding ambulance or naked ladies like the two preceding videos; just two dudes with amazing chemistry trading ferocious verses. And it turns out to be more than enough. Mike’s President Obama face-mask is a nice touch, though.

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