See The World’s Largest Animated GIF

The space where creativity meets technology is Fast Company’s sweet spot–so you can imagine how excited we were when we first saw these images by INSA, a “GIF-iti” artist who is updating street art for the meme generation.

Known for creating astonishing animated murals by manually painting animated “frames,” photographing each one, and then stitching them together, INSA’s latest project involves creating the world’s largest ever GIF. To create it, he put together a team of helpers in Rio de Janeiro, who assisted with the painting of a giant 188,697-square-foot image, composed of four smaller images sized 47,175 square feet each.

Describing GIFs as “the ultimate internet fodder,” INSA was apparently commissioned to do the work by Scotch whisky brand Ballantine’s. The finished images were photographed with the help of the commercial satellite division of Airbus–creating a hypnotic masterpiece that is utterly unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Is this the most time and effort spent creating something that will take up just 600 pixels in its finished form? We think so—and INSA probably wouldn’t have it any other way.

Scroll through our gallery above to look at INSA’s other work. You can also check out some more mesmerizing animated GIFs highlighted by Fast Company here.

[via Mashable]