Watch This Drone Deliver A Chocolate Bar Across Hong Kong

Add one more thing to the ever-increasing list of what can be done with drones: personal candy delivery.

A couple of enthusiast drone pilots posted the video below to YouTube, which shows a drone making a trip from Kowloon to the South Side of Hong Kong Island with the precious payload of sugary goodness. It took the drone 14 minutes to fly 11.2 kilometers. Making the trip between those points by car in Hong Kong would take about half an hour.

Fortunately, it seems that the people who ran this flight were exceedingly responsible. The person who posted the video on YouTube claims that the drone stayed around 300 feet above ground level, which is the maximum legal limit for recreational flights in Hong Kong. The operator also steered clear of the busy Victoria Harbor between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. There were even additional pilots stationed along the flight path acting as spotters to adjust the drone’s route in case of emergency.

In addition to demonstrating the versatility of the quadcopter drone model, the view from the drone also provides a beautiful bird’s eye view of Hong Kong’s mountainous and aquatic terrain.

Reportedly, when the chocolate bar landed intanct it was “a bit soft, but nevertheless quite yummy.”JC