Hey Look, GoDaddy’s Super Bowl Ad Has An Adorable Lost Puppy (And It’s Been Pulled)

UPDATE: Not long after the spot debuted, GoDaddy’s puppy-based Super Bowl ad has been pulled. GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving tweeted this response after complaints from animal rescue people who pointed out the serious issue behind the gag. “Thank you @animalrescuers for the candid feedback. What should have been a fun and funny ad clearly missed the mark and we will not air it,” he tweeted.

Irving later posted a longer “we’re listening” message on the GoDaddy blog, and assured readers that the company would run another Super Bowl ad.

It’s a big departure for the brand that once actively courted complaints about its nakedly offensive ads.

What do you think? Is the ad funny or did it deserve to get lost?
(Here’s what we think: Adopt! You can get any breed you want at a shelter. Also: it’s a joke!).

Here’s the original post:

Just when you thought Budweiser had the Super Bowl puppy market all sewn up, in strolls GoDaddy with another adorable puppy of its own.

GoDaddy has been moving away from the cartoonish sleaze it has historically brought to advertising, but this year the brand is aiming at its ad competitors directly. There might not be any Clydesdales, but what we are witnessing is an adorable puppy arms race in which there can be only one winner–you, you cute-craving animal, you. Budweiser won hearts and views and media attention last year with its “Puppy Love” spot and promises to follow up this year with the tale of a lost puppy and its equine friends. And now GoDaddy has cheekily co-opted the brewer’s furry friends approach. But, be assured, this spot’s ending ensures that we still know who we’re dealing with here.


Update via Adweek.