Louis CK’s Imminent New Special Is Actually Coming Out Today

Like hungry dogs awaiting dinner, comedy fans knew a new Louis CK special was coming soon, just not when. The prolific comedian has released new material every one-to-two years for the last decade–even during the past five years in which he’s written, directed, edited, and starred in the FX show Louie. His last special, Oh My God, aired on HBO in April 2013 and the comedian has been playing sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden to prepare for something. Now without even so much as a post-modern heads-up, Louis CK is releasing his follow-up today.

Last time he was on Letterman, Louis made show history by using the phrase, ‘that sucks balls,’ for the first time. On his return to the show January 26th, the newly bearded comic dropped a more substantial bombshell, announcing that his imminent special, Louis CK: Live At The Comedy Store, would be available for purchase today on his website. Like his groundbreaking, similarly titled special, Louis CK: Live At The Beacon, the first one he sold through his own online platform, Comedy Store will cost $5 to own. Although the comic had previously mentioned that new material was on the way, perhaps the release date was moved up to coincide with the night he canceled his most recent Madison Square Garden show, due to the current blizzard.

Watch a preview clip from Louis CK’s special above, and watch him announce the release last night on Letterman in the clip below.