The Recommender: March 2015

What are you loving this month?

The Recommender: March 2015
Make what you know: Native New Yorkers both, Lucy Wallace Eustice (left) and Monica Zwirner design bags to meet the needs of city dwellers. [Photo: Jason Schmidt]
Illustration: Amanda Lanzone

“Bruer makes a killer cup of cold-brew coffee. It’s functional and beautiful.”
—Kenny Ma
Cofounder and CTO, LearnUp


“10,000 Emerald Pools is the first single from the band Børns. It’s magical, a beautiful mix of folk and electronic that’s both ­modern and nostalgic of happy ’80s music. I’m ­excited to see what else they create and how they continue to innovate.”
—Azhar Hashem
CMO, Sproutling

“Purely Perfect is a new shampoo-and-conditioner created by the man (Michael Gordon) who started Bumble and Bumble. I love it and recommend it to all my friends.”
—Monica Zwirner
Cofounder, MZ Wallace is an interesting site to peruse. I’ll go to their research section to get inspiration on colors and textures.”
—Monica Zwirner


“I got the chocolate layer cake from Vegan Divas for my (recently turned vegan) wife’s birthday and it was phenomenal. They are setting a new standard for high-end vegan sweets—keep it up!”
—Tomer Ben-Kiki
Cofounder, Happify

The only cell-phone mount I’ve found that holds an iPhone tight and straight—and won’t fall apart if you throw
it in your carry-on—is ­Reticam.”
—Brian Mullins
CEO, Daqri

An App For Everything

For news

“My favorite news reader is Prismatic. It recommends content based on my interest and my social graph, and it’s great on web and mobile.”
—Kenny Ma

Photo: Thomas Northcut, Getty Images

For beverages

Vivino has been my go-to app to keep track of wine. It ­instantly recognizes a wine just from the ­label, and pulls in ­tasting notes as well.”
—Min Ming Lo
Founder, Pixelapse

For fitness

“There are plenty of pedometer apps out there, but my fave is Moves. It’s the ­reason I lost 15-plus pounds last year.”
—Sree Sreenivasan
Chief digital officer, Metropolitan Museum of Art

What Are You Reading?

Hero: The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia by Michael Korda is a fantastic read, and also enlightening about how little things in that region have changed.”
—Lucy Wallace Eustice
Cofounder, MZ Wallace

Olajide Williams

Resilience: The Science of Mastering Life’s Greatest Challenges by Dennis Charney and Steven M. Southwick highlights the untapped cognitive potential we all possess.”
—Olajide Williams
Founder and president, Hip Hop Public Health

Historical Decisions, Hysterical Decisions by Michael Harsgor and Ehud Fuchs. “It describes how world leaders made pivotal choices. Hilarious, inspiring, and sobering at the same time.”
—Tomer Ben-Kiki

Transaction Processing: Concepts and Techniques by Jim Gray and Andreas Reuter
—Shiva Shivakumar
Cofounder and CEO, Urban Engines


Jerusalem: A Cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi
—Azhar Hashem

What Is Your Favorite Neighborhood?

North Loop Minneapolis: This neighborhood is home to amazing apparel stores, design stores, and restaurants. It will make you believe Minneapolis is the next Portland!”
—Katrina Lake

Smack Shack in Minneapolis


Shinola and Filson: “Combines two American labels to create the feeling of a holistic lifestyle brand.”
Smack Shack: “Born out of the most popular food truck in Minneapolis. This place is all about the lobster.”
Spoon and Stable: “Easily the biggest thing in the dining scene right now.”
MartinPatrick3: “Clothing and furniture for the rugged and sophisticated man.”