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To Complement Your Snowy Experience–Watch The Northern Lights In Stunning 4K

Nature’s own CGI effect looks even more unreal in absurdly high-resolution video.

Alaskan photographer Ronn Murray specializes in the Northern Lights (he and his wife, Marketa, lead photography workshop tours for those who might want to capture the Aurora Borealis themselves). But if you’re opposed to the cold, travel, or the possibility of encountering a bear, Murray has a new way for you to enjoy the Northern Lights: Using a Son a7S camera, he captures nature’s most stunning special effect in a 4K video.

Your ability to watch 4K video depends, in part, on the equipment you’re using (even a MacBook Pro with Retina Display, for example, isn’t capable of fully displaying the resolution), but adjusting the resolution on YouTube offers some indication of how impressive the advances in video technology are, even with the limitations of the viewing equipment: the differences between the video at 1080p and 4K are palpable, and the 4K images are stunning enough that they barely even look real. The Northern Lights are magical enough to look a little bit like CGI even though they’re a natural phenomenon, but even the snow, and the Murrays’ dog, look stunningly unreal at that resolution. Watching it will probably cool you off a few degrees–even if you’re not in a part of the country besieged by a blizzard at the moment.

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