#GoodellMustGo Domestic Violence Ad Will Run On Sports Illustrated For Super Bowl

Magazine reverses decision to reject ad of football player tackling a woman.

A football player lines up. Gets ready. The competitive fire burning in the eyes, the player takes off, barreling down on the opponent . . . and then full-on tackles a woman standing on the field. No, this isn’t a Victoria’s Secret ad.

It’s actually a spot for equal rights advocacy group UltraViolet that will be running on Sports Illustrated in the lead up to the Super Bowl. This is an about face on the media brand’s earlier decision to reject the spot.

For much of 2014, the NFL has been mired in an ongoing controversy and media storm regarding its record on and reaction to incidents of domestic violence among its ranks.

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Jeff Beer is a staff editor and writer with Co.Create. He's a former staffer at Advertising Age, Creativity and Canadian Business magazine.