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This Parenting Gang Rumble Brought To You By Similac

The brand’s “Sisterhood of Motherhood” ad is like The Warriors with moms and diapers.

This Parenting Gang Rumble Brought To You By Similac

Parenting is a labyrinth of joy, fun, confusion, anxiety, and more. The only thing more troubling than your kid’s sleeping habits is the number of child-rearing philosophies trying to get your attention and approval. Are you crying it out on Dr. Ferber‘s team, or enlisted on Dr. Sears’s co-sleeping squad? Cloth or disposable diapers? Breast-feeding or formula? It’s never-ending, and if you thought YouTube comments were bad, try browsing parenting forums.

It’s into this abyss that Similac has waded with its newest ad. “The Mother ‘Hood” imagines all these groups descending on the same playground–including some token dads–like The Warriors with diapers, or that Anchorman rumble scene if you replaced mustaches with breast milk.

Not long ago, breast feeding was treated as a relic of the past, but with a recent resurgence–and the self-righteous guilt tripping of those that don’t to go along with it–perhaps it’s no surprise to see a formula brand try to take a stand and call for tolerance (while making a sneaky pitch for using its formula). It’s a nice gesture and nod to the need of moderation in parenting circles when it comes to deciding what’s best for your kid. Rest assured, though, you can bet your kid’s college fund that there’s a flame war about this raging on a parenting forum somewhere right this second.

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