Creative Brief January 26: Batkid Movie News, Instagram Tattoos, NFL’s YouTube Plans

Batkid, Julia Roberts, Eminem, and the NFL are in the Creative Brief.

Creative Brief January 26: Batkid Movie News, Instagram Tattoos, NFL’s YouTube Plans
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The creative world, at a glance.


Eminem And Every Single Detroit Rapper In One Video

The last time Eminem promoted something from his new compilation album Shady XV, it was most notable for his on-record suggestion of punching singer Lana del Rey in the face in the style of Ray Rice. (Yikes.) His just-released music video, however, has a slightly more positive claim to fame. “Detroit vs. Everybody” unites Detroit native Eminem with pretty much every other Detroit rapper working today (Danny Brown, Dej Loaf, Big Sean, etc) in an epic regional posse cut.

Apps Take In Just As Much Money As Movies In 2014

Analysts say 2014 was a weak year for movies. Bear in mind that just means Hollywood earned $10 billion instead of, like, $11 billion, but still! Do you know what entertainment industry did not have a bad year, though? Apps. The still-strong Angry Bands brand and mobile versions of social media sites, etc, together pulled down $10 billion to match the box office total for the first time–inviting further discussion about whether the term “second screen” is a misnomer.

Man Has Best Rabbit In World

There may be better things to do with one’s time than train a rabbit to bring you beer, but not many.

If You Like That Instagram Photo So Much, Why Don’t You Tattoo It On Yourself?

Instagram photos are supposed to be ephemeral. (“This is what’s happening right now. And now this is what’s happening right now.”) One way to make them slightly less transitory, however, is to use this machine that creates temporary tattoos from your ‘grams, so you can remember the moment just that bit longer.

Key & Peele Are Hosting a Super Bowl Special This Friday

We’ve all seen Key & Peele’s East-West Bowl sketch by now, as well as its sequel, and we’re all on board. But can the duo be funny about football beyond funny names and costumes? Well, the answer is yes, because they can make just about anything funny, but also we’ll find out for sure when the comedy duo hosts a Super Bowl Special on January 30th. Watch a preview below.


Julia Roberts Signs On To Batkid

Julia Roberts will star in and produce the feature remake of Batkid Begins, the documentary about the mega-viral Make-A-Wish Foundation campaign that had the whole world playing along as they transformed a young cancer survivor into Batman for a day and turned San Francisco into Gotham City.

The NFL has decided to give this whole YouTube channel thing a try

It’s a bit late to the game but the NFL is finally launching a YouTube channel, featuring game clips, interviews, snippets from NFL Network shows and fantasy football shows–but sadly no archival footage. In a new multiyear deal, Google has reportedly agreed to pay the NFL a “multimillion dollar” sum annually for the rights to host the NFL channel.

A photographer is suing Nike for recreating a photo for its Jumpman logo… 30 years after the fact

Back in 1984, photographer Jacobus Rentmeester took a photo of Jordan doing one of his familiar dunks for Life magazine. A year later Nike had an ad with Jordan flying in a similar style, that became its iconic Jumpman logo. Now, uh, 30 years later, Rentmeester is suing the Swoosh for copyright violation.

ZzzQuil’s brand Twitter is on quite an awkward roll

In the past week, ZzzQuil’s official Twitter has linked its sleep-inducing product to MLK Day and a woman’s ability to find a husband (the now-deleted brand tweet read: “SLEEP LIKE he finally proposed and you’ve been dating for a decade”). Maybe next it’ll suggest sleeping through the snowstorm.

Screen Actors Guild gives out some shiny hardware.

Birdman nabbed best overall cast performance, Eddie Redmayne was Best Male Actor for The Theory of Everything and Julianne Moore got the Best Female Actor for Still Alice. See all the winners here.

Rihanna, McCartney, West Team On New Track

The latest in a series of unusual collaborations with the Beatles legend has yielded the acoustic-driven “FourFiveSeconds.”