BuzzFeed Heads To The Super Bowl With Friskies Ad

The cat-lovers at BuzzFeed and Friskies are bringing their “Dear Kitten” video series to the SuperBowl.

It’s been a few years since BuzzFeed started bringing its sensibility to videos with items like Things Boyfriends Do That Secretly Annoy Their Girlfriends. (The first one is “literally burping into their girlfriends’ faces”). The site has also become a big brand content player by bringing that same sensibility to brand-backed videos like “Things You Do In Your Teens That You Don’t Want To Admit,” sponsored by Clean & Clear, and the hugely popular “Dear Kitten” for Friskies. Now the online empire is dipping a toe into TV ads with its first-ever Super Bowl spot.

BuzzFeed has partnered with Friskies to bring the “Dear Kitten” video series into the big leagues for game day. In the original series, BuzzFeed Motion Pictures president Ze Frank voices a wise cat with an attitude as he teaches a young kitten about a different aspect of life. In the Super Bowl spot, this feline oracle will be dispensing advice about what to expect on Game Day, and it will air during the big event in three regional markets. It’s Friskies’s first time in the Super Bowl, and BuzzFeed‘s first TV commercial, but likely not its last.

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