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Here’s Your Subway Etiquette Guide, As Interpreted By Two Dudes In Colorful Bodystockings

Subway etiquette is a hot topic–and one that is apparently best explained by creepy-looking faceless dudes in bodystockings.

Discussions about subway etiquette–whether they take the form of trend-pieces about “manspreading” or bizarre posters explaining that pole-dancing on the train is inappropriate–are ongoing (and some would say, long overdue) right now.

That’s led New York’s MTA to push a new campaign about subway courtesy. The series, which features advice on things like how to let people off the train before you get on and why you should offer your seat to someone elderly, pregnant, or who otherwise may have a more difficult time standing, stars two red and green figures, serving as the “Do” and “Don’t” examples.

That campaign is so weirdly specific in some of its advice that two New Yorkers–Christian “CJ” Koegel and Chris Zelig–donned red and green full body stockings in order to re-enact some of the scenarios the campaign depicts. “We think the campaign is clever and funny,”Koegel told the Village Voice. “People should have manners and be nice to each other.” What’s funny is that watching Mr. Do and Mr. Don’t display proper behavior in their vaguely creepy bodystockings also communicates the message about how to behave on the train more memorably and effectively than the static images. At the very least, people incensed about “manspreading” should get some visceral sense of justice after watching Mr. Do squeeze his red-clad counterparts legs together–finally.

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