“This Video Is Not In Reverse” Despite Looking Very Much Like It Totally Is In Reverse

In the early ’90s, Spike Jonze directed a landmark video for West Coast hip-hop weirdos The Pharcyde, in which the band is constantly moving forward–even though they were clearly shot in reverse. While the filming of that video must have been strenuous, at least Jonze never asked the group to un-eat a sandwich.

“This Video Is Not In Reverse” is a look at one man’s ass-backwards morning that goes way beyond having, like, spaghetti and meatballs for breakfast. Rather, it’s a video that looks like it was shot backwards, Pharcyde-style, but as the title implies it was actually filmed linearly. (There’s also a version of the reverse video actually played in reverse, which means it’s in reverse-reverse, which might make you wonder what day it even is anymore.)

YouTuber Eran Amir’s creation finds him seated at a kitchen table between a bunch of fallen dominoes and an apparent game of 52 pick-up, beneath a clock that runs backwards. Over the next minute and a half we see how a bunch of little details within the room came to be the way they are, with clever practical effects you can probably guess, but still marvel at. How the video could possibly be filmed in one unbroken take, which it reportedly was, is beyond guesswork.

Watch a behind the scenes video on the shooting of the film below.