Why Dove Retrofit Its Father’s Day Video For The Super Bowl

Last summer, Dove took a break from Real Beauty to hit web video gold with its #RealDadMoments ad aimed at celebrating dads for Father’s Day. The strategy was based on research the brand conducted that surveyed 1,000 fathers aged 25-54, and found only 13% said the media portrays fathers as responsible for childcare, while 61% said the media portrays them negatively.

Now, more than 12 million views later, the brand is bringing the spot back (now dubbed #RealStrength) to make Super Bowl fans weep man tears into their giant beers and nachos. It’s pretty much the same spot, albeit with slight tweaks like a different voiceover, but don’t call it a copout. Unilever director of marketing Jen Bremner says the huge response to the original prompted the brand to do more research and use the big game to bring the spot–which was online-only–to TV for the first time.

The brand’s new research found that nine out of 10 men believe their caring side is actually a sign of strength and helps define their masculinity. Yet, only 7% of men globally can relate to depictions of masculinity in the media.

“Clearly, there was an opportunity to continue to shift how men’s caring sides are perceived,” says Bremner. “This inspired us to update the film and bring ‘Real Strength’ to television for the first time, to reach a larger audience, during one of sports’ biggest moments. At a time when traditional, physical male strength is primarily on display, we hope to show the world how masculinity has evolved. We hope men’s caring sides will be seen as illustrative of modern strength.”JB