The Verge Conducts Its Own Super Bowl Ambush With A One-Market, Leaked Ad

The people of Helena, Montana can look forward to Vox Media’s ad experiment.

The Verge Conducts Its Own Super Bowl Ambush With A One-Market, Leaked Ad

Buying an ad for the Super Bowl is a notoriously expensive adventure, costing major marketers millions to make and, this year, $4.5 million in airtime. That well-trod notion is true when it comes to national ads, but thanks to YouTube and other digital means, brands that buy bargain basement local ad time can now participate in the larger Super Bowl conversation online. Genius, right? Maybe.

Back in 2012, Will Ferrell and Old Milwaukee created a stir with an ad that ran in just North Platte, Nebraska during the big game. Now Vox Media has done the same for its technology and culture site the Verge. First, the ad was “leaked” online and will air during the Super Bowl exclusively in Helena, Montana. Vox Media’s VP of marketing Jonathan Hunt told AdAge the airtime cost the brand $700.

But, as with all Super Bowl ads, no matter the platform, a win still depends on the actual ad. The spot itself is going for that uplifting and inspirational THE FUTURE!!! vibe, but–depending on your level of cynicism–also comes dangerously close to looking like a stock video spoof Dissolve would make.

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