Creative Brief January 21: Bjork Leaks, Super Bowl Streams, A Killer Gives Dating Advice

Bjork, Lil Wayne, and Run The Jewels are in the Creative Brief today.

Creative Brief January 21: Bjork Leaks, Super Bowl Streams, A Killer Gives Dating Advice

Your creative rundown for January 21.


Bjork Leak Prompts Early Release

It’s hard to imagine who on Earth would betray Bjork, that otherworldly emblem of Icelandic enchantment, but someone has leaked her new album onto the Internet two months before its scheduled release. As a result, Vulnicura has gotten a premature official release, and you can buy it right now.

Do The Super Bowl Stream

Cord cutters, break out the dip. NBCUniversal has announced that it will offer a free digital video stream of this year’s Super Bowl on February 1. The 11-hour stream will include all the pre-game and half-time action (and even an episode of The Black List). Desktop and tablet only, though–Verizon owns smartphone rights.

Danny Trejo IS Marsha Brady

Danny Trejo really isn’t himself in this new Super Bowl teaser from Snickers.

The Oatmeal Explodes Kittens, Kickstarter

Matthew Inman, aka The Oatmeal, is creating a new game called Exploding Kittens. Don’t worry though, no kittens will be harmed–the titular kittens form the core of a new family-friendly card game Inman created with Elan Lee and Shane Small. It’s described as “a highly strategic kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette.” It’s also Inman’s latest Kickstarter victory–he launched a campaign seeking $10K and is currently at $1.6 million. That’s a lot of kittens.

Mark Zuckerberg, In The Medium Of Poo

Among the works featured at artist Katsu’s new gallery show, Remember The Future, devoted to exploring our relationship with technology, is a portrait of Mark Zuckerberg, fashioned from feces. The exhibit is at The Hole in New York City and runs through Feb. 22.

Bieber, Roasted Alive

It’s not so much shooting fish in a barrel as having dead fish land on you and cover you with sickening fish smell. Comedy Central has announced it’ll air a roast of Justin Bieber on March 7. “Justin has been asking us for years to roast him, so we kept telling him to create some more material and we’re thrilled he listened,” a Comedy Central source apparently told Ryan Seacrest’s web site.


Romantic Advice For Teenage Girls, From Run The Jewels

Killer Mike and El-P talk a pretty tough truth on their excellent Run The Jewels 2 album, but when it comes to dispensing advice to young girls searching for answers about life and dating, they spit a softer brand of honesty. The two are featured in the latest episode of Rookie’s Ask a Grown Man/Woman and they’re just so adorable and caring. Killer Mike’s contribution includes passing on advice from his grandmother, and admitting that boys are dumb, while El-P assures a girl who worries she’ll never get a date that she’ll do okay because she’s funny and interesting. Close your eyes and count to . . . awwwwww.

Lil Wayne is sorry for the wait…again

In 2011, the award-winning rapper used Sorry 4 The Wait mixtape to satiate fans waiting for Tha Carter IV album. Now, Lil Wayne’s just posted his latest mixtape–featuring Drake and 2 Chainz–as an apology for the delay of this upcoming album Tha Carter V. If being late on album releases means more music, pretty sure Young Weezy fans are happy to wait.

Fox is still trying to bring “Luther” to America.

Apparently an Americanized remake of the BBC’s award-winning Idris Elba cop show is still in the works if–and it’s a big IF–they can get the right cast. It’s slated to still be written by original writer Neil Cross and Elba is on as an executive producer. So all they have to do is find a star with the same qualities as Elba and they’ll be fine. No problem, right?

Cover yourself in Cumberbatch

If Benedict Cumberbatch’s prodigious creative output and dreamy, elfin demeanor didn’t envelop you completely enough, now you can literally wear the Sherlock / Imitation Game star (without getting all Buffalo Bill about it). L.A.-based label Poprageous has launched a Cumberbatch collection that includes leggings and crop tops made of a Cumberbatch-face-print.

Maybe It’s Just A Good Movie?

Hollywood Reporter breaks down the strategy behind American Sniper‘s record breaking box-office performance.