Creative Brief For January 16–Oscar Nom Streaming And Sharknado News

The Dead live, once more, 28 Days Later comes back, and more.

Creative Brief For January 16–Oscar Nom Streaming And Sharknado News
Ian Ziering will be back for Sharknado 3. [Photo: courtesy of NBC, SyFy]

All the creative news worth knowing on January 16.


Rage, rage against the dying of the franchise

Just about 400 weeks after 28 Weeks Later gouged out some box office business in 2007, writer Alex Garland is apparently in talks with director Danny Boyle to make 28 Months Later, the third film in the series that begin with 28 Days Later in 2003. Numbers!

Here are all the Oscar nominees available to stream

If you take your Oscar pool very seriously, now you can do a full deep dive and get acquainted with as many nominees as possible with this conveniently assembled list of each one available to stream.

Of course there’s going to be a Sharknado 3

If you’re a fan of Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, and shark-related natural disaster, boy are you in for a treat. In July SyFy will unleash the third instalment of Sharknado. This time it will be, according to the network, “cause mass destruction” in Washington, D.C., before making its way down the Eastern Seaboard.

Sarah Silverman is a real (comic book) character

In the latest issue of Deadpool, a woman bearing the exact likeness of Sarah Silverman appears, continuing the outspoken comedian’s activism by protesting the evil corporation Roxxon.

The new Poltergeist remake will be more of a “kid’s movie.” Wait, what?

An updated version of the classic 1982 horror flick will, according to star Sam Rockwell, be more of a 3-D kids movie. Because nothing gets kids excited like getting kidnapped by terrifying ghosts.


Get up close and personal with a hamster’s adorable cheeks

A BBC doc has provided never before seen (?) views of what happens when hamsters stuff food into their cheeks. They don’t secrete saliva!

. . . Starring Meredith Baxter

“We would literally sit around a room and talk about all the horrible things that could happen to teens, or what teens could do. Someone said, ‘What if a teen’s addicted to Internet porn?’ And we said, ‘Great!’” The Washington Post digs into “the delightfully weird history of Lifetime movies.”

Fare thee well, fare thee well..

The four living original members of The Grateful Dead, and Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio will play three 50th-anniversary shows, which will be the four band-members’ last live shows. July 3-5 at Soldier Field in Chicago.