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George R.R. Martin Gets More George R.R. Martins In Fake-But-Perfect Trailer For “Multiplicity 2: Game Of Clones”

Maybe he’ll finish those books after all.

It’s been four years since George R.R. Martin published the fifth book in the A Song Of Ice And Fire series, which is what supernerds call the books on which HBO’s beloved Game Of Thrones is based. And it’s no secret that in that time, fans have gotten antsy: three seasons of the series have aired, and book six is still a big ol’ TBA. Meanwhile, Martin has written an episode of the TV show every season, and continues to maintain what may be the last active LiveJournal on the Internet–leading to cries of “Just write the friggin’ book and stop telling us what you think about football” from his most dedicated followers.

How to resolve this tension? Cloning, obviously. That’s the conceit behind the fake-but-perfect trailer for Multiplicity 2: Game Of Clones, which borrows the concept of the 1996 Michael Keaton film and plugs in the author (portrayed by Zero Charisma star Sam Eidon) in the lead role. Like in the Keaton film, each copy is missing a little bit of what made the original worthwhile, and with two Martins in charge of the book, one in charge of the scripts, and one who just says “Hodor.” Directed by David James Ward for the Austin-based YouTube channel Humordy, the Multiplicity 2 trailer does a pretty good job of making the wait for that sixth book seem worth it.

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