Inspiring Quotes, Emotional Intelligence, And No More Worrying: The Most Popular Stories In Leadership This Week

Could getting emotional bring home a bigger paycheck, and smelling a grapefruit end your vicious worrying cycle? This week, we thought outside the box to solve our productivity-sapping problems.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the week of January 12.

12 Signs Your Company Has An Enviable Workplace Culture

Some of the signs are clear–smiles in the hallways and people sticking around long-term–but others are more subtle, like lateral leadership. Check your company’s culture against these clues to the happiness of your employees.

The Quotes That Motivate The Most Successful People

The CEO of the Girl Scouts keeps a bible verse handy, while style expert Stacy London keeps an Anne Lamott quote in mind when she’s feeling weighed down. These leaders excel in their fields in part because of the mindsets these little wisdoms impart.

Why Emotionally Intelligent People Make More Money

We’re not saying getting in touch with your feelings will get you a raise–but it certainly can’t hurt. People with a higher emotional intelligence–the ability to read their own situations, and the motivations of those around them–have an edge at work, and research proves it.

7 Surprising Things That Can Help You Stop Worrying

What do you lose sleep over? Stressing out, whether about things beyond your control or as close as tomorrow’s workday, makes you miserable. Simple solutions, including smell and a walk in the woods, will keep the worry at bay.

The Secret To Getting Everything Done

“Just because we invest more time in something doesn’t mean we’re going to get more results,” says Tasha Eurich, whose “One Less Thing” work style means more productivity with less burnout. By prioritizing and delegating, you can finally get everything done.