Real Women Jiggle For Fitness, Newcastle And Mercedes Take The Piss: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Newcastle gets collaborative for the Super Bowl, another great heartwarming insurance ad, Nikon celebrates hair-braiding dads, and more.

Real Women Jiggle For Fitness, Newcastle And Mercedes Take The Piss: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Last year, Kordale and Kaleb Lewis took an intimate selfie in front of the mirror as they braided their daughters’ hair at 6 a.m. before school. The shot went viral on Instagram, with almost 25,000 likes within a week, as well as the feel-good Internet attention you might expect from a cute shot of two handsome, young, tattooed, black fathers lovingly performing a rather mundane family task.


Now, the two dads are featured in a new spot for Nikon’s “Nikon Generation” campaign to talk about how shocked they were when their image became a social sensation. It’s a fun insight into an already inspiring story, and a great catch for the brand.

Read more below about this and our other picks for the best in brand creativity this week.

Sport England “This Girl Can”

What: An fitness ad aimed at encouraging U.K. women to exercise starring real women of all shapes and sizes.
Who: Sport England, FCB Inferno
Why We Care: The organization’s first commercial quickly trended number two on Twitter in the U.K. and generated almost 1 million Facebook views in less than a day. It’s no secret why. Instead of making the bodies and talents of professional athletes the goal, it’s a fitness ad that makes the satisfaction and fun real women are getting from real activities the aspiration.


Newcastle “Call for Brands”

What: Newcastle is recruiting other smaller, less financially blessed brands to band together to buy advertising time during the Super Bowl.
Who: Newcastle, Droga5
Why We Care: This is a brand that feels right at home making a mockery of an advertising tradition and it just keeps getting better at it. The only question is, what will happen if a slew of brands come calling and they actually have to make something? If this is any indication, it’ll be another award-winning unofficial Super Bowl campaign.

Direct Dial “The Notebook”

What: A heartwarming insurance ad from South Africa, in which a young boy helps his single mom out around the house in order to give her a little free time.
Who: Dial Direct, Joe Public
Why We Care: It’s the first time in a while that an insurance ad not from Thailand made us a bit misty. A good story that’s able to convey real emotion without sloppily stumbling into cheezeball territory.


Mercedes-Benz “A Fistful of Wolves”

What: Perhaps one of the greatest fashion ads of all-time.
Who: Mercedes-Benz, Danny Sangra
Why We Care: To celebrate Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, this film takes all the randomness, over-the-top acting, and preening faux poetry we love and expect from fashion brands and then turns the entire concept on its head with a healthy dose of reality.

Nikon “Kordale & Kaleb”

What: A branded look behind a viral Instagram hit.
Who: Nikon, McCann New York, Douglas Gautraud
Why We Care: With so many marketers trying to somehow cash in on social success, here is an example of a brand finding a great fit that doesn’t feel forced or too contrived.


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