• 01.15.15

This Adorable Boy Helping His Mom Will Melt Your Heart (And Maybe Make You Buy Insurance)

An insurance ad that might make you cry and it’s not even from Thailand.

It’s a scientific fact that insurance commercials from Thai Life Insurance make people cry. Just recently, the brand and agency Ogilvy Bangkok did it again with a cute schoolboy helping his mom. But a new spot from South Africa clearly shows that the market on weepy insurance ads isn’t limited to Thailand.


Dial Direct and agency Joe Public introduce us to another young boy who decides to help his mom out. We meet the boy as he tries to get his single mom’s attention amid all her daily responsibilities–his little sister, work, cooking, cleaning, and all the other duties of a good parent. But this little guy decides to do something about it. We won’t spoil the end, but safe to say it would make Thai Life Insurance proud.

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