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Forget Amazon Delivery–The Future Is Massive, House-Moving Drones And “Air Towns”

The Drone Boss 3000 is amazing–and scary.

Drones are SO hot right now. Photography, film, and package delivery are just a few of the pursuits these unmanned airborne devices are revolutionizing. And if this new Ericsson marketing film is on the right track, it’s only going to get bigger. Much bigger.

The Drone Boss 3000 is basically an unmanned freight drone, able to move ship container-sized packages and even entire houses. Of course, it doesn’t exist yet, but as this short B2B video by agency DDB Stockholm assures us, it’s on the way. The soothsaying is an ad for the brand’s Industry Watch newsletter that aims to tell clients what’s coming on the business technology horizon.

It looks really convenient, but those scenes of a Drone Boss hovering over a neighborhood also strike an eerily dystopian tone á la Blade Runner or pretty much anything by Neill Blomkamp. Drones aren’t exactly the quietest machines around, and they’re subject to potentially catastrophic human error. Of course that seems to be point here, from a trend forecaster warning businesses they best keep up with what’s actually coming around the (air) corner.

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