Lexus Heads To The Super Bowl With . . . A Car Ad

No celebrities, no cute animals, no star athletes–but there is dancing.

Lexus Heads To The Super Bowl With . . . A Car Ad

Traditionally, brands like to step things up for the Super Bowl. Sure, the ads may be part of a larger campaign or strike a familiar note, but all dressed up fancy for the big game. This is where we get beer puppies and yogurt bears, or Stephen Colbert pitching for pistachios.

This year it looks like Lexus is heading to the big dance in slacks and a shirt. The spot, by agency Walton Isaacson, does not look like it was made to run at $4 million per 30 seconds in front of one of the largest assembled TV audiences of the year. With its electro soundtrack (enhanced with the old “sounds of the product making music” trick) dancers and its new NX model zipping around a dark warehouse, this is advertising more befitting a midseason NHL game.

That’s not to say it doesn’t look good, it’s just a bit underwhelming in the context of all the hoopla surrounding the Super Bowl. Who knows, maybe viewers will not only like the look of the new car but its ability to impressively navigate an industrial nightclub setting. That, or they might appreciate the opportunity to go refill the chip bowl.

Lexus will compete with at least two fewer auto advertisers during Super Bowl XLIX, as Chevy and Acura have announced they’ll sit out the big game for reasons they say are related to the timing of product launches.

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