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An Adorable Mop Dog Stars In Dr. Pepper’s Tear-Jerking New Ad

That’s the message the brand’s new ad sends to anyone with a heart and a thirst.

An Adorable Mop Dog Stars In Dr. Pepper’s Tear-Jerking New Ad

There are a few questions raised in this new Dr. Pepper commercial from Deutsch L.A. Like, who leaves a dog like that on the street? (A train station, sure). And, didn’t that delivery guy just steal a dog? How did Krazy-8 from Breaking Bad become a soda delivery guy? Look, we don’t know all the details. What we do know is that it’s all freakin’ adorable.

First we meet our dreadlocked buddy sleeping on a cardboard bed in what appears to be a used car lot. This is a Hungarian Puli, a breed that has been herding sheep in Hungary for 1,000 years. It’s a purebred dog whose puppies can go for up to $750 each (remember: don’t buy. Adopt!). That said, according to the American Kennel Club, its the 135th most popular breed. So who knows what led to these unfortunate circumstances.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter. If our past teaches us anything, it’s that improbable stories involving dogs are advertising gold and Dr. Pepper should just give the pooch another close-up and wait for all those tear-clouded views to roll in.

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