Behold: Mod, The Hackable Sex Toy

With a pinch of Arduino-style programming, this sex toy can react to any sensor you plug in to it.

The open source revolution has reached the bedroom: behold the Comingle Multivibrating Open-source Dildo (Mod). Working off a modified Arduino-based board, the Mod is designed to be the most hackable sex toy ever–and it can be yours for $159.


While that’s an average market price for a vibrating sex toy, the Mod is anything but average. The standard model comes ready-to-use out of the box with an easy-to-control Wii Nunchuck, but the toy is built to accept any sensor that can be plugged into USB–and believe you me, the Comingle team has gone to great lengths to test the Mod out with heartbeat sensors, music, video chat, and even capacitive touch.

The team’s zany enthusiasm stems from years of doctoral research in robotics and microcontrollers. Graduate research in the jungles of Panama and quirky robotics experiments inspired Comingle cofounder Andrew Quitmeyer to start tinkering with hackable sex toys alongside graduate peer Paul Clifton, another cofounder. The pair started down the sex toy product path a year ago and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Mod’s Arduino-derived circuit board–called the “Dilduino,” naturally–has been built to some unique specifications. The puny 40mA maximum of most Arduino boards’ output pins is far too low a current flow for sex toy motors, so Comingle beefed the board up to a 500mA cap. They also embedded a battery-charging circuit to attach USB-rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The standard $159 Mod model comes with three motors that fit into a plastic silicone mold, but intrepid hackers can buy just the Dilduino and three motors alone for $60.

But the Mod’s best feature for sexytime may be soon built by a stranger. Comingle’s OSSex library is a GitHub repository where the sex-hacking community can exchange and critique their sensor and hacking combos. There’s even a serial console in the repository so that you–or someone else–can control your Mod, no programming needed, through Chrome or your phone.

The Mod is the first salvo in Comingle’s campaign to bring sex-positive hacking to the mainstream–and build a supportive community around it. Beginners with deep pockets, take note: One of the reward tiers is an $1,800 Sexy Mod Workshop, tailored to hackers of all skill levels and available for any event, party, business, or gallery meeting.