This GIF Displays All The Ch-Ch-Changes Of David Bowie

From Aladdin Sane to Ziggy Stardust and beyond, this GIF has pretty much every Bowie.

This GIF Displays All The Ch-Ch-Changes Of David Bowie
[Illustrations: Helen Green]

As William Shakespeare once wrote, “David Bowie is a many-splendored thing.” There may be some paraphrasing in that quote; not 100% sure at this time. In any case, while the latest generation of music fans may only know David Bowie as the lightning-face guy, or the still-cool distinguished gentleman of The Next Day, long-time listeners know that there’s so much more. Throughout his career, Bowie was known for running through alter egos with almost each and every album cycle. Now an industrious illustrator has collected them all, like so many Pokemon, and put them in one otherworldly GIF.

U.K.-based fashion and lifestyle illustrator Helen Green recently created an animated GIF celebrating Bowie’s many distinct personalities. Each new face in the animation appears to be turning over so slightly, but–just as in real life–you get the feeling Bowie’s gaze has never left yours. The project was timed to coincide with and celebrate the evolutionarily advanced human’s 68th birthday on January 8. Although Bowie is indeed getting on in years, here’s hoping perhaps this walk down memory lane inspires the glam rock pioneer into his next visual phase, if our mortal eyes are even ready for it yet.

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