A Tostitos-Sponsored Reminder: Philadelphia Eagles Coach Chip Kelly Is Not The Official Chip Of The NFL

As is common practice, brands pay good money to become the Official Whatever of any given sports league. It’s why York is the Official Heating & Air Conditioning of the National Hockey League. So just because the Philadelphia Eagles head coach is Chip Kelly, as well as the team’s new head of player personnel, the Official Chip of the National Football League refuses to be overshadowed.

Tostitos’ new campaign, from agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, stars Kelly in his first-ever ads going head to head with a snack chip. No matter what Kelly does, he just can’t seem to get the upper hand. The 10 spots (10!? yep, 10) are white background Mac-vs-PC minimalism and, for his commercial debut, Kelly exhibits none of the awkwardness associated with pro athletes new to ads.

It’s a fun gag done well. The brand found a silly word gag and ran with it. And why not? It’s not often a coach or player’s name ties in to your product. Unless the league has some guy named Electrolyte we haven’t heard about yet.