Watch an Entire Hour of Jessica Fletcher Eureka-Face On “Murder, She Wrote”

This supercut captures the constant state of epiphany Jessica Fletcher maintained throughout the course of Murder, She Wrote. Finally!

Watch an Entire Hour of Jessica Fletcher Eureka-Face On “Murder, She Wrote”

The Internet has made it so a lot of things are impossible to forget. Any factoid hovering just beyond the reach of your cerebral grasp, you can always just look it up in a matter of seconds, possibly by asking Siri to do so. This ability, however, robs us of the everyday epiphany–that eureka moment when we realize or remember something that had been eluding us and it feels like our brains are magical miracle machines. As a new video reveals, apparently Murder, She Wrote’s amateur sleuth Jessica Fletcher spent pretty much the entirety of the show’s 12 seasons in such an epiphany state, and all before the Internet!


Created by video editor and Murder, She Wrote die-hard Isaac Royffe, “Murder She Wrote–The Many Epiphanies Of Jessica Fletcher” is an hour-long video of Angela Lansbury realizing stuff. The first two and a half minutes present her character Jessica Fletcher making an assortment of funny faces, some of which pertain to discovering whodunit, and some that do not. Once the video proper begins, though, the remaining 56 minutes or so form a supercut of scenes where Fletcher makes a profound discovery, and can only communicate it with her face muscles. A word of warning, though, watching this video may make you want to lose your keys somewhere just for the pleasurable sensation of realizing where you left them.

As Jezebel reports, the creator of this video also devised a drinking game that can be played in tandem with Murder, She Wrote viewings. See below for the rules:

Murder She Wrote Drinking Game

(Drink Whenever)

– Someone is murdered

– Someone says “murder”


– Someone compliments her books

– Jessica is snoopy

– Police are inept

– Epiphanies

– She is wearing a killer broach

– Any shoulder pads


– She befriends a simpleton

– Anyone looks / does something shady

– Really good acting

– Really bad acting

– Blue screen driving