Now Newcastle Wants To Team With Other Brands To Crash The Super Bowl

Aubrey Plaza helps outline this, uh, innovative swing at collaborative creativity.

Now Newcastle Wants To Team With Other Brands To Crash The Super Bowl

You knew the snack chip situation wasn’t the end of it. Now Newcastle returns with yet another brilliant scheme to steal some Super Bowl thunder.

We’re already sharing cars and turning our spare bedrooms into disappointing B&Bs, so the beer brand wants to extend the share economy to advertising. Newcastle is asking, why blow one brand’s marketing budget on an overindulgent Super Bowl ad when you can blow the marketing budget of 20 to 30 brands all at once? It’s proposing other brands consider teaming up to use that cute dog to make a battery brand “more appealing to high-earning mothers aged 35 to 44,” or maybe a cowboy mouth to shill multiple products on national TV. Newcastle is playing a good game of ad philanthropy and genuinely wants to help other brands sell whatever the f*%k those brands sell.

Potential team members can get started at Newcastle’s Band of Brands site. And yeah, it seems to be real. Newcastle told the New York Times that it plans to air the collaboration ads in some local NBC markets during the game.

Whatever happens, the brand is officially the best unofficial Super Bowl advertiser ever.

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