Creative Brief: Everything You Should Know In Creativity, Right Now

A roundup of need-to-know (and nice-to-know) creative and cultural happenings. This time: the New Yorker loses to Rap Genius, McD’s earns outrage.

Creative Brief: Everything You Should Know In Creativity, Right Now

All the creative news worth knowing on January 12.


Taken 3 wins box office

Also among Liam Neeson’s particular set of skills: selling movie tickets. Taken 3 ends the weekend at number one at the box office, taking $40.4 million in its North American debut.

Better Call Saul gets a proper trailer

The show’s creators have said, definitively, no Jesse and Walter in season one of Better Call Saul. But this new, extended trailer for the show does give us a longer look at James McGill’s pre-Breaking Bad life, which includes parking attendant Mike Erhmantraut and a big brother, Chuck (played by Michael McKean).

Oh the creme-centered humanity

After a year like 2014, and this year’s somber start, the simple pleasures are more important than ever. And now you can’t even rely on those. That’s right: Cadbury has ballsed up the recipe for the inexplicably popular Easter Creme Eggs (the chocolate is “no longer Dairy Milk. It’s similar, but not exactly Dairy Milk,” the company said) and even reduced the number of the things in multi-packs from six to five. What’s next? They’ll change the cast of Burn Notice?

All The Older, Accomplished Ladies

First, fashion label Celine announced that 80-year-old Joan Didion would front its new campaign. Now, Saint Laurent has included none other than songwriting legend, and 71-year-old female Joni Mitchell in its spring/summer ’15 ads. Mitchell was photographed by Saint Laurent Creative Director Hedi Slimane.

Benedict Cumberbomb strikes again.

The man nominated for Best Actor for portraying scientist Alan Turing showed last year’s expertly executed move on U2 at the Oscars was no fluke by using the same technique on Meryl Streep. Well done, sir. Read our Globes recap at the Golden Globeshere.

McDonald’s upsets people by evoking 9/11, Boston bombing

The new commercial celebrating how franchisees use their street side soapbox to comment on everything from local matters to global issues had Twitter buzzing during the Golden Globes.


As If The Super Bowl, and the always-amazing half-time show couldn’t get any more excellent…

Lenny Kravitz will join Katy Perry to entertain us between commercials.

Another blow is struck against old media

In a move best summed up by this pithy New York Times headline: a pop music critic has left the New Yorker to annotate lyrics for a startup. Long-time staffer and respected musical authority Sasha Frere-Jones brings to his new job at Rap Genius not only a wealth of knowledge, but also the kind of credibility that new media outlets are increasingly eager to poach from their forebears in print.

House of Cards will be rebuilt on February 27

Netflix’s first prestige original series makes its third season bow next month, and it’s hard to describe what to expect without spoiling how the second season ended. Those who are caught up already might want to watch this trailer, though.