Getting Organized, Taking Criticism & Emailing Better: The Most Popular Leadership Stories Of The Week

From mistakes you’re making in emails to waking up at the crack of dawn, we’re assessing the daily details that can improve your week.


The first full week of the year brought ideas for starting fresh and organized, recovering from tough critics, and making peace with our most irritating colleagues.


Here are the stories you loved in leadership, for the week of January 5.

8 Ways To Train Yourself To Accept Criticism

So you’re on the receiving end of some tough criticism–the client hated your pride-and-joy project, or your manager hit you where it hurts on the annual review. Now what? When you’re done stifling a scream in the bathroom, take these tips on turning negative feedback into a positive experience.

The Two Most Overlooked Aspects To Creating A Lasting Morning Routine

When you’re trying to start a new wake-up routine, take a look at how you’re spending your nights and weekends. We share how to make it work–and just as importantly, why you should get up early in the first place.

7 Email Habits You Need To Break

Never send another “Got it” email again, and for the love of all that’s good, please step away from the “High Priority” button. Stop contributing to the endlessly overwhelming inbox problem by cutting these common habits out of your correspondence.

Your Guide To Finally Living A More Organized Life In 2015

Everything you piled up to do later is starting to topple over. It’s time to tackle your messy desk, office, apartment, mind… you get the idea. Read on for a few ideas to get started.

How To Deal With A Coworker You Can’t Stand

Aside from erecting a privacy fence around your desk, there aren’t a ton of options for finding reprieve from an annoying office mate. If you must work near that one coworker who yells all of his words or plays games instead of meeting deadlines, you’ll want to take a deep breath and read this advice.