Mockulus Rift: This Thought Leader Is Parodying Silicon Valley Stunts By Wearing VR Goggles For An Entire Year

Part tech-stunt, but really a mockery of similar tech stunts, an Ohio-based, uh, “speculatist” has promised to wear an Oculist Rift face-computer for the totality of 2015. Your move, Elon Musk!

In a YouTube video, Troy Hitch comes across like a barely exaggerated version of every startup jockey stunting on technology’s hypermutability or whatever. He appears wearing the front-facing projection of an Oculus Rift Development Kit so that we can see the third of his face covered by cybergoggles displayed onscreen. It goes without saying, he looks ridiculous. His reasoning behind this bold venture, however, appears to be shining a light on how ridiculous Silicon Valley makes itself look.

For a more in-depth explanation–and some laughs, read Hitch’s satirical manifesto, which he posted on–where else?–LinkedIn.

[via Death and Taxes]JB