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Sia and Shia Are Together At Last In a Freaky New Video Featuring The Child Dancer From “Chandelier”

Shia La Beouf is weird in a new music video, if you can even believe that.

How do you follow up perhaps the most popular music video of 2014, with over 432 million views and an SNL parody? Send in LaBeouf.

Sia’s “Chandelier” was a memorable showcase for thrillingly erratic child dancer, Maddie Ziegler, who is known from Dance Moms, a TV show which does in fact exist. In her new video, Sia once again uses Ziegler as her surrogate, but now she’s joined by human coffee shop beret, Shia LaBeouf. “Elastic Heart” finds the pair writhing at each other inside an enormous birdcage. Shia looks noticeably buffer than he did in his music video debut a few years ago, at the start of his campaign to show his penis in as many arty venues as possible. This time he wears the male answer to the nude one-piece Ziegler sported in the previous video and wears again here.

A lot of interesting things are going on in this birdcage. The two leads play-fight in the way you’d imagine feral siblings might if left to their own devices in the woods. Ever the performance artist, Shia can’t resist nearly emoting this thing to death, but the percussive beat and pure curio factor make sure the whole affair will be lodged in the birdcage of your brain for a spell.

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