Newcastle Expertly Crashes Doritos’ Super Bowl Advertising Party

Last year, Newcastle charmed the pants off just about everyone with its “If We Made It” Super Bowl campaign, starring Anna Kendrick. Awards, accolades, and laughs came in its wake. But how do you top a campaign that achieved master class status for the ambush ad? Judging by this new pre-game ad, you double down on the media meta.

Just days after Doritos unveiled its Top 10 finalists for the brand’s annual “Crash the Super Bowl” campaign, Newcastle is using the snack chip’s contest as the premise for its newest scheme to laugh its way into the Super Bowl ad conversation, without the inconvenience of paying $4 million for air time.

“Chores,” once again by agency Droga5, looks, sounds, and feels like its user generated brethren vying for that filthy, Frito-Lay football lucre, with one major difference. Doritos is neither seen nor mentioned, while a certain beer is silently ever-present.

With more to come, it’s not the only swing Newcastle is taking at the Super Bowl this year, but it’s a damn good start. And the behind-the-scenes video brandsplaining its strategy is a killer bonus. The business surrounding Super Bowl ads is so well-known now that a gag like this, far from being seen as an ad industry inside joke, will charm and delight anyone who ever rolled their eyes at the entire gridiron spectacle. “Now that’s comedy everyone can enjoy.”