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Chinese Trailer For “Call Of Duty Online” Stars Chris Evans And A Bunch Of Nerdy Teenagers

Apparently you can sell video games in China with Captain America.

Chinese Trailer For “Call Of Duty Online” Stars Chris Evans And A Bunch Of Nerdy Teenagers

Call of Duty has been tapping movie stars for its game trailers for a while–and, as the Uncanny Valley version of Kevin Spacey that appears in Advanced Warfare proves, the games themselves–and there’s also nothing new about American stars doing international ads. But this Chinese spot for the free-to-play Call of Duty Online taps a particularly American super-soldier to rescue the nerdy teens (well, nerdy males and one conventionally attractive young woman) caught in the game’s war zone.

It’s interesting to see Chris Evans show up–speaking English, with both English and Mandarin subtitles–to boast about how “You can thank me later” to the players, given that his iconic role is as Captain America. Marvel heroes play well internationally, of course–witness the subplot in Iron Man 3 that has Tony Stark going to China for a heart transplant–but for obvious reasons, Captain America is a slightly tougher sell to overseas audiences than Iron Man and Thor. (Captain America: The Winter Soldier took in a smaller percentage of its box office internationally than either Iron Man 3 or Thor: The Dark World.)

Still, that’s something that the trailer seems to play with, too–when Evans pops up in the trailer, the other players winkingly ask, “Who does he think he is, some kind of Hollywood action hero?” Absolutely he is.

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