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Clothing Goes Flying In Striking New Ikea Storage Ad

Ikea makes storage a lofty thing.

Clothing Goes Flying In Striking New Ikea Storage Ad

Storage units are just somewhere to put your stuff so it’s not all over the floor, right? Not to Swedish furniture giant Ikea–they are loving homes for your most precious possessions.

In a new ad, entitled The Joy of Storage, part of the company’s wider The Wonderful Everyday positioning, a “flock” of T-shirts embark on a long and perilous journey. They encounter various hazards en route including a ferry, an over-exuberant child and an aggressive dog. Their journey ends when they fly through a bedroom window and finally come to rest in an Ikea wardrobe. The voice over says: “The home for all the things you love, that’s the joy of storage.”

The TV spot breaks in the U.K. and Ireland on January 10 and is part of Ikea’s ongoing drive to get people to think differently about their homes and the way they live. This particular execution aims to convey they joy to be had from giving the things you love a proper home. The ad is from agency Mother London and directed by Dougal Wilson at Blink Productions.

The TV spot will be supported by print, digital and outdoor executions from January 19. Targeted online creative will deliver content based on what people buy, for example, those that buy fashion items regularly will be delivered wardrobe options. This targeted approach extends to outdoor executions with, for example, bookcase ads being positioned near bookstores.

Previous executions in Ikea’s The Wonderful Everyday campaign include last year’s award-winning “Beds.”

The retailer also recently had a fun swipe at Apple with an ad to launch its 2015 catalogue.