“The Characters We Lost In 2014” Memoriam Spoils Every TV Show You Just Started Watching

Also movies and comic book characters too. We cannot stress enough how spoil-y this video is.

(Strongest possible spoiler alert. Trust us, we learned the hard way).


Perhaps the show that is most cavalier about killing off its characters is Game of Thrones. The person who appears to be the clear hero of the whole enterprise has his head removed from his body near the end of season one, and that’s just the beginning. On a not-altogether-unrelated note, Game of Thrones is also HBO’s most-watched series of all time, so whenever yet another vital character dies horribly, a lot of people tend to talk about it. You can’t be behind on watching without the constant threat of knowing who was just impaled on a broadsword made of scorpions or whatever. It’s a feeling that unites all us Thrones fans lagging behind. A new video floating around the Internet, however, says goodbye to the beloved characters who died on every TV show in 2014, making latecomers to these shows equally susceptible to one massive super-spoiler.

Gwen Stacy

I’m going to just confess right now that I didn’t make it through this entire video. As someone who has teetered on the brink of starting to watch Sons of Anarchy every day for the last several years, I was semi-annoyed to know which cast member made it all the way to last year before dying. That’s the cross I have to bear now, so I would urge you too to exercise caution before diving into this memoriam, which also includes characters from movies and even comic books.

While the video is grim, however, it is playfully so. For instance, one of the characters bid farewell is Tom Cruise’s William Cage from Edge of Tomorrow, a movie whose action Groundhog Day premise finds Cage dying in battle over and over and over again. Seeing him pop up here hardly counts as a spoiler, as opposed to every single other person that appears. (Oh, and one magical dragon from Middle Earth.)

Chalky White

If the video missed any of your personal favorite dearly departed characters from last year, or what the hell–any year, please let us know in the comments below. Let’s make this the most spoil-y comments section ever!