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Everything On Your Office Desktop (And Computer Screen) Is Part Of This Rube Goldberg Machine

If your supervisor isn’t in sight, you should probably watch this video of a Rube Goldberg machine made from office desktop stuff.

Office workers are prone to flights of fantasy. It’s a coping mechanism that helps keep us sane. This daydreaming tendency may lead us anywhere, and for at least one restless, imaginative person, it seems to have lead to combining every single desktop object into one big Pee-Wee Herman’s breakfast-style Rube Goldberg machine. Even the objects on her digital desktop get pulled into the fray too.

The short film, Deskloop, created by YouTuber Evelien Lohbeck, starts off in the physical realm, with a candy wrapper setting off a domino effect with office supplies. Things get a little more chaotic, though, when the action leads straight to Lohbeck’s computer screen. A calculator, word doc, and icon all help continue this conga line of orderly disorder. The only problem is that when the video ends, there you are, staring at your computer, and it’s not doing anything interesting at all. At least mine isn’t. Let Co.Create know if your computer has become sentient in the comments below.

[via Incredible Things]

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