• 01.05.15

Check Out These Exquisitely Designed Maps Of Willy Wonka’s Factory, Amity Island From “Jaws,” And More

They’re like a golden ticket to the world behind the world of your favorite movies.

Part of the joy of a movie like Raiders of the Lost Ark or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is imagining the breadth and depth of the world that the filmmakers have created. It may be a soundstage somewhere, but the Temple of the Chachapoyan Warriors at the beginning of Raiders still somehow feels real when that boulder starts rolling, you know?


The pseudo-reality of spaces like the temple where Indiana Jones got the idol, or Willy Wonka’s famed factory, apparently captured the imagination of artist Anthony Petrie, too. “Charts,” his series of prints based on those films–as well as Jurassic Park, Jaws, and others–exhibits at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles in January. Petrie told the blog Things To Do In LA that “the goal of my show was to have equal parts graphic design and illustrative elements to make an object that seems like it was immersed in the world of the movie. Like each piece could have been a background object in the film that a character would have used.” That’s definitely something that the posters accomplish–from the color palettes to the frames, each image looks like it’s both about the movie it’s based on, and of the movie it comes from. And if they’d actually had these in the movies, they might have realized that an island shaped like a giant shark is probably not the best place to go to the beach, too. See some of Petrie’s Charts in the gallery above.

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