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Marvel Released An Ant-Sized Teaser For The Teaser For The Teaser For “Ant-Man” That Humans Can Watch, Too

A very brief look at Marvel’s tiniest movie yet.

The speed with which the Internet generates interest in things means that the release of the trailer for a long-awaited film or TV show is now an event unto itself–witness the people who flocked to a limited number of theaters after Thanksgiving to see the first glimpse of the multi-coloned Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens. But as trailers begat teasers, and teasers begat teasers-for-teasers, Marvel Studios gave us the first teaser-for-a-teaser-for-a-teaser just before the weekend: a 17-second video that highlighted the fact that the teaser for the teaser to the studio’s forthcoming Ant-Man would be debuting during the premiere episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter on Tuesday.

The gimmick–being that the teaser is for a movie about a guy who shrinks down to ant-size to talk to some formicidae–is that the teaser-for-the-teaser-for-the-teaser was shrunk down to “ant-sized,” meaning that anyone who wanted to see what was actually happening probably needed to stand very close to a massive friggin’ TV. Alternately, they could have waited for the weekend, when the human-sized teaser-for-the-teaser hit the Internet. In it, we get our first glimpse at Paul Rudd’s titular hero, an ex-con who discovers an ant-communicator helmet and the ability to shrink himself down, as well as a half-second shot of someone who is probably Evangeline Lilly, and some other lady with a sharp bob and bangs. Not a lot of ant-business going on here, but since this is literally just the 17-second teaser for what will probably be a 70-second teaser, which will then lead to a full-length trailer or two, and eventually an actual film, what can you really expect? He will wear a costume and talk to ants eventually–in the meantime, have a look at handsome Paul Rudd getting escorted to someplace by some police officers.

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