• 12.22.14

This Is What Happens When The Kids Are In Charge Of Netflix

The streaming giant’s new ad campaign shows us the magic of movies in kids’ eyes.

One struggle many parents share is screen time. How much, how little, how often, and what shows and movies are appropriate for their kids. In years past, there were certain barriers keeping children from wanting to sit in front of the boobtube all day. There was no 24-hour kids’ networks and a four-year-old can only sit through so many episodes of The Rockford Files. Even with VHS and DVDs, kids had to have the mechanical capacity to operate simple electronics. But now in the age of Netflix, it’s whatever you want, whenever you want it. Which is amazing if you’re an adult craving a Lost binge, but a nightmare if you’re a parent hoping your kid will soon, for the sweet love of tyrannosaurus, finally get sick of Dinosaur Train.


But this new Netflix ad, by agency R/GA, looks at the bright side, talking to kids about why they like certain movies and also showing some of the ritual around family movie night. The shots of the kids’ faces while watching their favorite shows and movies may just let parents feel a wee bit less guilty about all that screen time.

“I go to this place in my mind and it feels like I’m dancing around in my mind.” Pretty much sums up the magic of any good story.

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