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Watch Guy Pearce’s Weirdly Great Music Video. Guy Pearce!

The star of The Rover and Iron Man 3 uses those cheekbones to offer up some bizarre imagery for his debut music project.

Watch Guy Pearce’s Weirdly Great Music Video. Guy Pearce!

Guy Pearce does more than just star in ponderous post-apocalyptic dramas. The always watchable star who appeared in The Rover, Prometheus, The Road, etc, can use those cheekbones for more than depicting what might endure for future, devastated humans: For instance, did you know that he can sing?

Pearce released his debut music album, Broken Bones, in November, and the pleasantly listenable collection of indie-influenced pop-rock songs is among the least offensive movie star albums (it stacks up favorably against, say, Keanu Reeves’s Dogstar or Russell Crowe’s 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts, to say the least). But the rather conventional songs does not come close to capturing the weirdness contained within Pearce. Indeed, that can only be witnessed in the video for the album’s “Fly All The Way,” in which Pearce plays a variety of versions of himself, starring in different infomercials for different products.

Pearce dons a number of wigs–bald wigs, bad haircut wigs, fluffy celebrity chef wigs, pretty, pretty purple wigs–to hock various Pearce-related products. These include Guy Pearce Meat (full of “brotein”!), the Abcersize 3000, Neuro Smash Junior (for kids who refuse to listen), and more–all of which appear to come with notable side effects. Whether Broken Bones is an expression of Pearce’s true inner soul or a pure vanity project, the video for “Fly All The Way” makes clear that in either case, Pearce is a big weirdo.

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