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Clothing Brand Moose Knuckles Brings You A Graphic Depiction Of Canadian Foreplay

Winter is coming! Insert double entendre here.

“Winter” means different things in different places. In Texas, for example, it’s a few months of chilly temperatures that sometimes require a jacket; in Canada, meanwhile, it’s the better part of your frigid year, requiring a daily wardrobe that comes in layers and layers and layers. The phrase “Winter Is Coming” can describe a pleasant respite from interminable heat or a campaign against the relentless elements and subsequent hopelessness that defines one’s very existence.

The latter struggle is something that Canadian clothing brand Moose Knuckle knows intimately–the company sells hip, high-end winter jackets and coats–and it’s something they depict in their new web ad, “Winter Is Coming,” which is definitely a double-entendre here.

Created by agency Cundari and directed by Natalie Rae Robison of Sons and Daughters, the 60-second spot depicts a successful first date in a frigid climate–where the layers required to keep a couple warm enough to make it to somebody’s home get in the way of the sexytime they’re hoping to enjoy when they get there. It’s a dilemma that, presumably, the Moose Knuckles crowd knows well. Winter may have come, after all, but when there are layers of tights and long underwear to get off, that may be the only thing that does.

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